To fill in all 33 spaces in ascending numerical order.

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Since there is no cost to play 33 Numbers, there is no risk of losing anything of value and therefore 33 Numbers does not consider this game to be gambling. Nonetheless, some states and locations have laws that might be interpreted locally to make it illegal to play any game for a monetary prize. Therefore, it is necessary for 33 Numbers to determine each player’s location before play can begin.

Once downloaded and opened, the game will check to see if location services are active. If they are not, it will ask the player to turn them on in order to play. Once they are activated, the game will determine if the device is in a location where it is clearly legal to play. If the player is in a location where it may not be legal to play, the player will be offered an opportunity to play for fun only.

checking location
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To start, there are 33 empty spaces around the perimeter of the game board. The spaces are numbered at the bottom of each space from one to 33, starting with space number one in the lower left, moving clockwise around the board, and ending with space number 33 in the lower right. Each game starts with a random number between 400 and 600 in the center space (space 17).

A Hint will appear in the center of each space as well. The Hints can help the player decide the optimal placement of tiles by displaying the number on each tile that represents the proportional tile number between one and 1,000. There are two types of Hints: Dynamic and Static. Static Hints stay the same for the entire game, while Dynamic Hints will change every time a tile is placed to represent the updated proportional number of that space between the closest tiles that have been played before and after that space. Once a tile is placed in a space, the Hint for that space is no longer displayed. The game begins with Dynamic Hints activated. This setting can be changed from Dynamic to Static or turned off entirely from the settings screen at any time – even in the middle of a game.

Begin by pressing the round SCORE button in the lower center portion of the screen. A spinning tile will appear in the Magnifier in the upper center portion of the screen. Shortly after the player lets go of the SCORE button, the tile will stop spinning and it will display a random number between one and 1,000 in the Magnifier. The SCORE button will be grayed-out until the tile is placed. The player must now choose in which space to place this tile.

The tile can only be placed in an open space and only in ascending numerical order with other tiles placed. For example, if space #17 contains a tile with the number 509, and the player spins to a tile with a number 640, that tile must be placed AFTER the tile with the number 509, If there is another tile already on the board in space 24 with the number 650, then the tile with the number 640 may only be placed in an open between space #17 and space #24 to maintain the ascending numerical order.

If Highlights are activated in the Settings screen, the spaces that are open will highlight in green to show the player where the tile can be placed. The Highlights may be turned on or off through the settings menu and can be changed at any time – even in the middle of a game.

Once the player decides which space to place the tile, simply touching that space will TEMPORARILY place the tile there. Once the tile is placed, the following things will happen:

  • - The Magnifier will show a magnified image of tile and the adjacent tiles;
  • - The SCORE button will return to full color indicating it is available for action; and
  • - If the Dynamic Hints are activated, the Hints in the remaining spaces that are affected by this placement will change.

If the player is happy with this placement, the SPIN button may be pressed and a new tile will be available for play. However, if the player is not happy with this placement, any other available space may be pressed and the tile will move to that location, changing the image in the Magnifier and the Hints if Dynamic Hints are activated. Also, the player could press the chosen space again, and the tile will be removed from the board, the Magnifier will just show that one tile again, and the Hints will return to their previous state (if Dynamic Hints are activated).

Once the tile has been placed in a satisfactory space and the SCORE button is pressed, that tile placement is PERMANENT and the next random number between one and 1,000 will be displayed in the Magnifier. The same process will be followed until either the entire board is filled with 33 numbers, or a tile is displayed that has no space open to place it.

If there is no space to place the tile, one or two tiles on the board will turn red showing the player that there is no open space to place this tile. At this point, the game is over, and a new game may be started by pressing PLAY AGAIN, or by exiting the game and opening it again. If all 33 spaces are successfully filled, then the player wins the game and wins the cash jackpot shown on the game board screen.


Full Version Only
The jackpot will continue to grow until a player somewhere wins the game, at which point the jackpot resets and starts to grow again. The jackpot grows based on a number of variables including how many players play the game, how many ads are viewed, how many ads are clicked, and time.

Once the jackpot is won, 33 Numbers will confirm the win, and once confirmed the winner will be contacted by 33 Numbers to arrange for payment. In order to win the jackpot, the winner must be or have consent of a legal adult, and the game must be legal to play in the state where the player is located. Depending on where the winner is located, taxes may be withheld from winnings by 33 Numbers per federal and/or local state laws.