Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive my winnings?

Prizes are typically paid to players within 7 business days of their claim.

How do I win the Global High Score Jackpot?

Achieve the current highest score overall and you win the Global High Score Jackpot! This resets each time someone wins the Super Jackpot.

How do I win the Daily High Score Jackpot?

Achieve the highest score of the day by 12am North American Eastern time, and you win the Daily High Score Jackpot!

How do I win the Super jackpot?

A player that receives a score of 33, wins the Super Jackpot.

Can I win two days in a row?

No. Winners are ineligible win again for 7 days after a win.

What do I do if the tile won’t stop spinning?

In rare cases the tile may spin continuously. This usually occurs when the mobile device loses network access. Please exit the game and re-open it after confirming network connectivity.

How do I change how I receive my winnings?

Visit Settings from the home or gameplay screen and click "Update How We Pay You" at the very bottom to add or update how you would like to be paid.

What does an Undo undo?

In 33 Numbers, and Undo will remove the last tile the player placed that caused them to lose the game. This in turn allows the player to continue playing.

How do I get more Undos?

The easiest way to get undos is by sharing 33 Numbers! While on the gameplay screen, tap the Undo button at the bottom to open the invite dialog. This screen includes details about the values of each undo for sharing with your friends. We also offer free undos for players through promotional events. Follow our social media profiles to learn more.

Why does the tile spin longer sometimes?

The tile may spend longer if the internet speed changes, or if the player holds down the score button.

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